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SPUNK MAG!!! - x-posted

SPUNK is a new magazine exploring masculinities and male genders.

We want to make a space were we can create our own visions of sexiness, fluid and diverse, reflecting, celebrating and reinventing our cultures and communities.

SPUNK is a new magazine for boys, men, trans men, butches, pansies, fellas, dandies, billy goats, blokes, arselickers, chaps, buddies, otters, gents, ravers, kings, gigolos, bois, puppies, bogans, lads, masters, banim, guys, bears, slaves, nerds, guerrillas, studs, bottoms, brothers, rascals, queers, rent boys, beefcakes, uncles, cock suckers, doofers, jocks, homos, tom cats, mugs, daddies, geeks, bisexuals, machos, fudge packers, westies, tigers, transsexuals, muscle marys, gaylords, philosophers, dicks, wolves, faeries, rogues, FTMs, cubs, buggers, labourers, alphas, waxheads, gender benders, intersex, queens, stallions, intellectuals, sons, thugs, poofters, males, bulls, gods, chubs, gvarim, fathers, home boys, transvestites, heroes, rams, crybabies, chasers, granddads, lions, bards, brutes, freaks, nancy boys, bulldogs, shamans, tops, bludgers, switches, cocks, poofters, bookworms, trade, sissies, badgers, faggots and other gender fuckers.

We are launching in September/October and want contributions from all
gender fuckers.

More info:

Contribution deadline: 1 August 2008

Show us your SPUNK!!!
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