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This is a Livejournal community for gay/bisexual/lesbian/transgendered Aussie punks and skinheads to talk about punk/ska/emo/hardcore music and culture, organise social meets and talk about stuff that matters to us. Overseas visitors welcome, but I want this to stay aussie-centric so we can network and meet and stuff.

Stuff thats rock:
- Introducing yourself in a first post when you join the community (pics are hot too! just behind an lj-cut!)
- Talking about bands and styles you like
- Discussions about what its like to be non-hetero and on the punk scene
- Letting people know about gigs, new local bands, events, nights, fundraisers etc
- Generally having fun.

Stuff that's not:
- Flaming other people who don't share your opinions
- Joining the community solely to cause trouble (Livejournal takes ToS abuse seriously, yo)
- Talking about totally unrelated subjects
- Infighting on comment threads (take it to email if you have issues with eachother, kids)
- Posting things like "18/m in sunbury wants 2 find a mohawk guy to fuck tonight email me"
- Racism or any other intolerance (You have the right to listen to all the Skrewdriver you want, we just don't want to hear about it)
- MP3/BITTORRENT TRADING (if you're into someone elses music, email them offline and talk about sharing.. we dont condone you steal artists hard earned royalties blah blah)

(if you see anything thats not here and should be, email me or post to the journal)

switchitnext - NEXT @ Brown Alley - Punk/Metal/Hardcore night at Brown Alley Thursday nights, Melbourne City
VICPUNK - http://vicpunk.live.com.au/ - The Victorian Punk Portal
Sydney Punk Meetup Group - http://punk.meetup.com/95/
Melbourne Punk Meetup Group - http://punk.meetup.com/161/
MP3.COM - www.mp3.com.au


Hi, I'm mordant. 22yo bi dude from Melbourne into punk rawk, ska, industrial, emo, screamo, post-hardcore and generally music. Read my LJ if you wanna find out more. I'm a pretty social guy, so feel free to hit me up on MSN or AIM. Cheers!